“The indispensable accessory for anyone who likes snacking while they game or binge-watch.”

George Smithson

Creative DirectorThe Cool Misfits

See how CouchConsole® makes your relaxing moments more enjoyable

4 reasons why it's a must have

1.Keeps drinks from spilling


The gyroscope system ensures your cup will stay in a vertical position no matter how uneven or soft the surface you put the Couch Console on is.

The Cup Holder will fit most standard glasses. The metal counterweight will help level taller recipients.

2. You can mix & match


The modules independent from one another and interchangeable for a number of reasons. 
First - so you can mix and match them to create the perfect setup for your needs. 
Second - to be able to upgrade it in the future whenever something new comes up - so it won't become obsolete.

3. Keeps your stuff organized & within reach

Storage compartment & Organizing tray

The CouchConsole has a generous storage space so can keep your cables, controllers, batteries or even snacks close by ready for whenever you need them/

The Organizing Tray has a phoneholder and an area to keep things like remotes, glasses or earphones in place. 

4. Upgraded Comfort

Soft armrest and Power plug

The Organizing Tray converts into an soft armrest. 

The USB-C plug on top gives you easy access to power when needed. It connects to the storage space where you can attach any external battery with an USB-C output.

External battery not included in the pack.

The Team

We are a design studio dedicated to creating unique products that combine form and function.

We hope to leave the world better than we've found it through suteiable products that will bring a bit of joy to the everday simple life.

Quality over quantity, lasting over “trending”.

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