-Yes, you will get to choose from any of the available colors at the moment we send the survey..

-You will choose the final colors once the campaign is over, and we send the surveys through Kickstarter.

-Yes, we’ve arranged with our manufacturer to make the adjustments so we’d have enough space for both a USB type C or USB 2.0.

-Yes, we will have an option for add-ons, to reserve them you just have to add the required amount to your pledge level. Add-on will have a price lower than the $15 depending on the model..

-We are working out on that, but it will be available somewhere in the future. Before announcing anything like that, we have to understand all the regulations and certificates implies.

-The snack cup is 100% dishwasher safe, and it is made from the same material as baby bottles. The rest of the CouchConsole is easy to clean, but we don’t recommend cleaning in the dishwasher.

-Yes, the system has a counterweight at the bottom, so it will also balance taller items.