Dear backers, 


We hope that you are all well! We want to let you know that we’ve been working on improving the logistics side of the shipping process in the last few weeks.


Before getting on to the shipping overview - the entire team at Couch Console would like to ask, from the bottom of our heart, the 1-2% of backers that are being very harsh through the messages and comments to be a bit more friendly. We’re asking this because they may not realize it, but their words do have a strong emotional impact on our team and we end up spending way more time on customer support instead of fixing problems that do have a way of turning up unexpectedly.

As we’ve seen other creators very nicely explaining it - this is a crowdfunding campaign and by nature, delays are likely to take place. The vast majority of our backers have been incredibly patient and supportive and we are extremely thankful for that, but we kindly ask those few that have not quite been as supportive to be a bit more understanding. 

Also, while the shipping process didn’t go as smoothly as we’ve hoped, please understand that we’ve been through extremely hard times last year, with shipping costs increasing by 300% over our initial estimates (for example a container (5000 units) - from the factory to the EU cost us over 17k instead of an initial estimate of 6k, and costs like this added at every stage - materials, shipping on land, etc.). Despite this, we've been able to ship to all backers without any extra charges, we’re almost done and can’t wait to move forward with everything.

EU Warehouse

EU orders

Our shipping plan for the EU was turned upside down due to customs-related procedures. Here, we encountered a series of steps back, as the procedures and formalities took way longer than expected. 

We’re sorry we promised delivery dates, as this was the information received from our shipping partner at the time. Because things were very slow and vague, we rethought the logistics on all sides and currently, the shipping plan looks like this:

We created 2 logistics points for shipping: one from the Czech Republic and one in Romania. All unshipped EU orders will leave from these 2 sorting facilities - deliveries already started.


US orders

The largest part of the US orders has been already shipped. For the remaining 85 orders left unshipped, we found a very quick solution - we started using Amazon logistics. This was a great help because we succeeded to provide our backers with a 3 days delivery time and we managed to ship faster to regions where other shipping companies have difficulties in performing deliveries. We refer here to regions like Puerto Rico, Hawaii, FPO, Alaska, APO, etc.


Rest of the world orders 

We had a batch of orders shipped in November to our Rest of the World backers that encountered problems and have not yet reached their destination. The tracking numbers marked as Expired are part of this batch. We contacted our shipping partner several times for a solution on this batch of orders, until now their answer was to have a little more patience as the orders will arrive. Now we’ve asked to be reimbursed for the missing goods and try shipping new batch.


This is also the reason why we put The Rest of the World shipping on hold because we didn’t want to work anymore with this shipping partner and we were looking for a new company to have the remaining orders sent out. We expect on shipping them all as soon as possible. If you are not willing to wait any longer and would like them to be expedited via fast shipping, kindly contact our support team at orders@couchconsole.com and we will find a solution, but there will be an extra fee for express shipping.



In April and May, we will take care of the replacements for our backers who received different products than ordered, wrong colors, or the ones with charging plugs that are not working as expected. We know it's not ideal, but at the moment the priority is to finish with the goods we already have in transit, and then we will start preparing the replacements for shipping. As we mentioned in our previous update, our backers who also ordered Expandable Trays will get the replacements together in the same package, and the backers who didn’t will receive their replacements separately.


Expandable Trays

Production of the Expandable Trays started, but a small adjustment to one of the molds was needed as after a number of injections, the parts would get stuck in the machine - this is now fixed. 

The Expandable Tray’s parts are quite complex, and they are assembled without using any glue or screws, just click together via a smart mechanism.  We expect most of the backers to receive the trays in April/ May.


Exciting things coming - NFT collection

As we are an innovative company and do our best to stay ahead of the curve we are excited to announce an NFT collection for our community. The utility will be revealed in time and we do expect these to grow in value over time.

A very important aspect is that you, backers of this amazing project,  will have the opportunity to earn one for free. We will share more details along the way - so stay tuned.


From our team to you

Dear backers, we are a very optimistic team and we wanted everything to turn out perfect and on schedule, to be transparent, and to provide exact information to each and every one of you. However, we encountered problems and steps backs at every stage, as fulfilling a project of this scale involves so much more than anyone could imagine.

Unknown, unforeseen,  and uncertain events are part of the journey of any startup. However, the satisfaction of bringing to life a product like this inspired and motivated us to keep going and we are thankful for our backers who supported us all the way.



The Couch Console Team