TMB x ModularBottle

"Its super amazing and works like a charm."

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  • most funded bottle in crowdfunding history

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Most funded bottle in history


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01/// Strong Glass Interior

Plastic bottles are bad for our health. That’s why our bottle is made from reinforced, temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

02/// Cool exterior case

The Exterior Case protects the glass body, adds a layer of insulation, and extra functionality.

03/// Modular Design

Each TMB comes with a set of 4 different tops as standard. But that's not all. Because it is modular you can easily upgrade it to a 750ml version. 

New modules will be made available in the following months.

04/// Secret compartment

It's super convenient to have a small compartment for carrying additional snacks, pills, and other small treats.

05/// Adds up over time

Switching to a reusable bottle is one of those small things you can do that add up over time. That benefits you and the environment.

  • One TMB botte can replace thousands of single use cups or plastic bottles. You get to help the enviroment and save big
  • On average, a drink made at home is $2 cheaper than one you buy on the go. So, in just a month of use, you already covered the cost of the bottle

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Jessica, Canada

I received my bottle today and it’s really freaking awesome. Really high-quality feeling and the packaging was very well thought out. You guys really surpassed expectations, thank you!

Chris, Australia

OMG. Best project I have invested it. Quality is through the roof. Congrats guys. Beautiful product (arrived today in Oz)

Trevor, US

I live in Indiana and I’ve had mine for about a week now and it’s a perfect bottle. It holds temperature the entire time, I use the tea infuser for cold brew coffee and it’s become a daily part of my routine!